CognoBytes = Cogno (cognitive related) + Bytes (chunks of information)

boxCognoBytes features few top researchers and thinkers worldwide who work on mind, brain and behaviour opening up the box of academia to you all.  Get started with the Thinkers list  

A lot goes into thinking how our mind and brains work including why do we behave this way or that. But, do you know the people who have been involved in research, what is their take home message, who they are?

CognoBytes was born to reach a bit of research to thousands who are exploring and want to know a little more about the fascinating world of cognition (how on earth does our minds/brains work?

 You are welcome to suggest someone.  Note however that only those researchers who have high quality impact papers in top tier journals or are involved in high quality research in companies are included. They can be at senior or middle or early career levels.

CognoBytes is free and is for everybody – the casual inquisitive reader, the enthusiastic academic or those aspiring eager minds who are looking to start exploring. We need your help to grow. Please consider getting involved or helping us.

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Messages from researchers

Cognitive Science contains a vast and diverse set of fields. Communications in Cognitive Science are spread over a large number of disciplinary and interdisciplinary journals.  Thus, novel methods to foster awareness of new ideas and results such as cognobytes are of great importance.

Prof. Michael Posner, Professor Emeritus at the University of Oregon



Founding Co-ordinator and Publisher: Sumitava Mukherjee conceptualized and started the CognoBytes project. He continues to co-ordinate most activities and discussions. Sumitava holds a PhD in cognitive science and is interested in co-operative knowledge sharing. His academic interests is in human judgment and decision making.  (personal website)