Sponsor CognoBytes

Your help is needed for CognoBytes to spread the wings. There are many important things that can be offered (all for free) to thousands of people interested in mind and brain; be it aspiring students, faculty, researchers or inquisitive readers. We plan to continue the featured researchers series, add research tools and run small outreach activities.

Organizational donations in form of SPONSORSHIP

  • Some enthusiastic dynamic  companies could help the CognoBytes project through sponsorship. It would be most fruitful mutually for companies dealing with products, services or consulting related to behavioural or neurosciences to support CognoBytes as we want our readers to get information about something that might be of use. Depending on the amount of donations, we could also post a permanent page highlighting the company’s services/products under the section ‘Research tools’.
  • Universities/Institutes offering courses in cognitive science and other related areas could kindly consider helping CognoBytes grow. Academic groups are the core of research and hence I hope many of you would understand the need to financially help a project like CognoBytes.
  • The sponsorship period will typically be for 1 or 2 years, and renewed for any number of times.
  • A  link in the sidebar of all pages would link to the webpage of the sponsor – proudly notifying everybody that you help cognobytes  by being a sponsor.
  • If we run any outreach programmes, the document that would be mailed or posted online will also carry the name of the sponsors.

Thank you for your consideration.

Please send an email to Sumitava Mukherjee (Co-ordinator) at sumitava.inbox @ gmail.com and mention ‘CognoBytes Donations’ in the subject line for getting a quotation.