Researchers often work on very interesting questions that is informative not only for the researcher but also for others at large. The understanding of the inner workings of our mind and brain is something that has baffled people across centuries with philosophical arguments dating back more than 5000 years. Still today, we are discovering and re-thinking, we are finding and then cross-checking, we are trying to apply these to marketing and healthcare but then again searching for more. On CognoBytes, the idea is to bring out some basic ideas of important researchers worldwide so that many others can get the motivation to know more about our mind/brain. I requested one of the renowned scholars in the field, Prof. Michael Posner to put in some thoughts that would be a foreword to the CognoBytes project and he has kindly agreed. I hope many others help us grow this idea of reaching research from thinkers to the public in a simple way.

– Sumitava Mukherjee, Chief co-ordinator and publisher of CognoBytes


Interviews with active researchers may provide those considering research in the field with views about what motivated others to carry out such activity and how they prepared to do so.  For this reason I responded to Sumitava Mukherjee request to ask me about my research motivations and the website allows those interested to access my interview and those of other researchers.   I sincerely hope this will be helpful in giving users a useful entry into the research world.

Prof. Michael I. Posner (Professor Emeritus , University of Oregon)