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Hello! Thanks for checking this page out. We need you, off course. There are many ways you could help and get involved with this project of creating a dialogue between research in mind/brain and everybody. For all communication, please email the co-ordinator, Sumitava Mukherjee (mail @ ).

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We request you to post links to CognoBytes among your friends and discussion boards.  Let people discuss, know, learn and get active about linking research with everybody. Feel free to spread the word or link to any page. And, you are welcome to suggest a researcher or resource for us.

Donate to us

To run a website like this, we need financial resources.  All the motivated manual work is done from the love of spreading science (no money or wages are paid). But, for the website to function and to later spread the word through advertising or to launch public initiatives, we need support from you. Donations are welcome both from corporate firms and individuals. Please read the appeal.

And if you are a researcher or student in mind/brain sciences,

You can help us in mainly two ways:

(a) Researcher Spotlight: If you are a researcher and have papers in top tier journals or if you are involved with research related to decision making or psychology broadly in organizations, please send us a Self Nomination from the contact page or via email. Then we would get back to you for an interview request (about 5 questions only) and put up your page. That would help many people know about your ideas in a simple way.

(b) Co-ordinator: We are also looking for co-ordinators, who could contact the researchers they know – for example, a PhD student or postdoc can get an interview from their professor so that we are able to feature more top researchers. Contact the chief co-ordinator, Sumitava Mukherjee (sumitava.inbox @ or mail @